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Welcome from the Chair
24 Nov, 2017


A sincere thank-you to you all for making me the first Chair of EM-HKCF - the Hammersmith, Kensington, Chelsea and Fulham branch of the European Movement. I am honoured.

I hope for two things by the next AGM in November 2018 – one, that the majority of British citizens will have seen off Brexit, and two, that in the struggle to get Britain back on a path of common sense and solidarity, we as a branch will have a place in that history.

A great thank you to Michael Young, the interim chief executive of the European Movement who gave us an inspired lesson at the AGM on the implicits and explicits of standing up for a crucial cause - and winning. He himself goes down in the history books for the essential backroom role he played in the high stake and secret negotiations which eventually saw Nelson Mandela released from prison and South Africa renounce apartheid.

Now we are the ones who have to stand up for cause and convince others. I commend Michael’s insights. As a grassroots organisation, we may not be part of the high politics. But we are essential players in getting public support to stop Brexit. As such we’ll be helping to join up the dots which links us with the activism of a national movement, and the parliamentarians and local politicians who can help to mould public opinion. A crucial factor will be our visibility in the markets and on the streets, and through an active and graphically successful social media presence.

I sense we are off to good start with all the volunteers who have already stepped forward as co-optees to the Committee to support your Chair, your Secretary and your Treasurer. They explain below who they are and why they care about being part of the EU. But we’ll always be needing volunteers for specific activities in and around our hubs. Anyone ready and willing should contact Mike Vessey at

So let’s set a target over this year for EM-HKCF to outdo Bristol which has 7000 members. Bring in friends and families. Everyone from nine months to 90 welcome whatever you can put into the movement from photo opps to support on the streets. In that way we can share out the work and make best use of our very diverse skills, while still continuing with the already very full lives most of us have in one way or another.

Brexit is a not a done deal. Let’s make shelving it the fight of our lives.

Anne Corbett

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