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Letter to Greg Hand MP
19 Nov, 2018

Letter to Greg Hands MP

At this critical turning point in the Brexit negotiations, it is essential that you write to your MP urging them to reject the deal the government is proposing when it is presented for voting in parliament and support a People's Vote.

Here is a template that you can use to contact him. We recommend that you amend the letter to personalize it and do not forget to include your full name and your address when doing so.

You can either send the paper letter to: 

House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA

or by email: 

- Greg Hands:

November 2018

Letter to Greg Hands Member of Parliament for Chelsea & Fulham

Dear Mr Hands,

The Brexit period in our country’s history commenced over two years ago and during this time more and more information has surfaced detailing how we, as a people, will be much poorer outside of the European Union. Professionals from the health, business, higher education and art sectors have all raised serious concerns about the future of their industries post-Brexit.

The Prime Minister’s latest deal places the United Kingdom in the worst of possible situations. While uncertainty from unfinished negotiations will continue for years we will nonetheless remain subject to EU rules and regulations but have no say over these same rules which will continue to affect both our economy and society.

And this does not even begin to consider the unfavourable terms the PM has actually obtained and their effect on our economy and lives. I would therefore ask you to reject the Prime Minister’s deal when presented to you in Parliament.

I understand that the result of the referendum, however obtained, may seemingly put MPs in a difficult position if they were to challenge it. However, the vast majority of your constituents have and still are supporting the Remain option in this debate, hence. giving you a clear mandate to deliver the will of your people.

I ask that you support a second referendum and in doing so help us stop the government from taking the country down the disastrous path we are heading towards. Neither the country nor your constituency ever voted for the economic and social tragedy a no deal Brexit brings or for the government’s deal that leaves the United Kingdom weaker both economically and politically.

Please reconsider your current Brexit position and support a People's Vote.