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Letter to Emma Dent Coad MP
19 Nov, 2018

Letter to Emma Dent Coad MP

At this critical turning point in the Brexit negotiations, it is essential that you write to your MP urging her to reject the deal the government is proposing when it is presented for voting in parliament and support a People's Vote.

Here is a template that you can use to contact her. We recommend that you amend the letter to personalise it and do not forget to include your full name and your address when doing so.

You can either send the paper letter to: 

House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA

or by email: 

Emma Dent Coad:

November 2018

Letter to Emma Dent Coad MP for Kensington

Dear Ms Dent Coad,

I am writing to you as you will soon be asked to vote on a Brexit deal the Prime Minister has negotiated.

It will likely be an unfinished deal consisting of political declarations without any legal certainty as to the economic future of our country and to a certain extent without any certainty as to the type of society we will be living in.

Time and time again it has been demonstrated that any deal the Prime Minister negotiates will be severely flawed and will harm the country and in particular its most vulnerable.

Nurses, doctors, lawyers, business leaders, artists, and students from across economic and cultural divides have put forward the risks and uncertainties our country will face post-Brexit.

Your entire career has been built upon helping the most vulnerable in society. I ask that you now do not abandon them to a Prime Minister who arrogantly asks for trust and faith.

Your constituents have largely voted to remain in the EU and a recent poll of Labour members in Kensington has shown that 73% support a People's Vote.

I am delighted that you recently announced that you would not vote for the Government's current Brexit deal and would therefore ask you to put country and your constituents ahead of party allegiance and support a People's Vote. 


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