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Letter to Andy Slaughter MP
16 Nov, 2018

Letter to Andy Slaughter MP 

At this critical turning point in the Brexit negotiations, it is essential that you write to your MP urging them to reject the deal the government is proposing when it is presented for voting in parliament and to support a People's Vote.
Here is a template that you can use to contact him. We recommend that you amend the letters to personalize them and do not forget to include your full name and your address when doing so. MP's generally only reply to addresses within their constituency

You can either send the paper letter to: 

House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA

or by email: 

- Andy Slaughter:

Letter to Andy Slaughter Member of Parliament for Hammersmith

Dear Mr Slaughter,

I would like to thank you for your commitment to the European cause and support in the past two years following the referendum. 
I know you are strongly in favour of remaining in the EU and understand the impact leaving will have on our NHS, jobs, businesses and citizens. 
As the debate and discussion on the deal unfolds it is becoming clearer that the solution does not work for the UK and that we will all be worse off but in particular, the more vulnerable of us. 
Soon, you will be asked, as our MP to vote for a deal that will harm the country and all your constituents. I am therefore asking you, regardless of the position of your party, to vote against that deal and continue supporting a People's Vote.