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Barbara Brandenburger explains why she opposes Brexit
04 Dec, 2018

Barbara Brandenburger, now in her late 80s, former journalist and campaigner and long-standing Fulham resident, explains why she opposes Brexit

I feel very strongly that the UK is too small to stand on its own. Sadly, there are countries which pose a danger to us and countries that are disinterested and would not come to our aid in time of need. I fear that we would have few allies.

The Brexiteers are in love with America and while there are many remarkable individuals there, their system is harsh. Their motto is survival of the fittest. And that is what I do not wish for my country with its NHS and welfare state.

I also regard the EU as a powerful peace project. My father served for four years in the trenches in France in the First World war and was seriously mentally affected for the rest of his life.

My husband had to abandon his musical career after serving six years in the Second World War, including one year in Germany immediately afterwards. 

Their sacrifice and knowledge of the horror of war has informed our family’s attitude to Europe. We know we must be united. 

Barbara Brandenburger

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