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A shocking turn of events
10 Sep, 2018

As I see Brexit

A European Movement supporter writes  

Nearly two years ago, in a shock turn of events, the UK voted for Brexit. As a staunch Remainer, whose friends and family were also Remain, I couldn’t understand what was happening. I awoke at 5am to the horrific news and kept staring at the screen on my phone, willing it to change, to be a dream. 

I woke up my partner and he was convinced I was joking (classic Boy crying Wolf situation). We spent the next two hours trying to console each other, not sleeping. At work, the office was solemn. In publishing, this news was devastating, particularly for an office working across the UK and Europe. It was unreal. What would happen now? What on earth would Brexit bring?

Two years later, and we’re still faced with the same uncertainty. My opinion, that Leavers couldn’t know what they voted for because the politicians themselves had no plan, stands firm. Every week, more chaos feeds the news, more like a pantomime than politics. 

There is no diverting from the road we’ve set upon, no compromise. We’re all aboard the Brexit train, whether we brought a ticket or not, hurtling towards a cliff edge as the engineers haven’t yet built the bridge. 

It’s an uncertain time and I think it’s reflected in our young people. Many of my friends feel we’ve not been listened to. When we talk, there’s passion there, but there’s also the feeling that it will go nowhere. 

Meanwhile, we have more pressing concerns; money, jobs, relationships. We constantly feel like we’re not doing enough (social media maybe to blame) so we remain suspended, waiting for adult-ier adults to fix it.

However, as we grow up, and grow more secure, I believe that will change. After all, the government ignoring the working class is supposedly what caused Brexit in the first place. Imagine what happens when our disillusioned youth come of age. What politicians are coming next? Will they undo the work of their predecessors? I hope so. For now, I live suspended.

Good luck to all; we’re going over the cliff edge.

Katie Ager

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